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Malibu plumbingNothing comes close to a catastrophe than substandard plumbing. Water hammering, water damage, bad odor, lead poisoning and life threatening diseases are all problems that are in one way or another related to substandard plumbing. So, just where does it all start? Does the problem start with the plumber of the plumbing system? It all starts with the plumbing pipes you choose. With that in mind, consider the following tips as to what it takes to use the appropriate pipes for your plumbing needs.

Insulated pipes

It is hard and almost impossible to put up with frozen pipes. To avoid them, do not allow the temperatures in your home to drop below freezing points. Then insulate any pipe that is exposed to cold weather. Like any Malibu plumbing expert will tell you, it is very easy for pipes to freeze anytime the low temperatures near the pipes drop below zero degrees. It may take time for the pipes to thaw out before you can have running water again. Worse still, the pipes can burst and force you to spend a lot repairing them. Simply watch the temperatures, fix your outdoor faucets if they are leaking and finally, invest in quality pipe insulators.

Septic tank pipes

You cannot inspect them on your own. That is why you must always have a Malibu plumbing expert on your emergency call list. Inspecting the septic tank list will ensure you troubleshoot glitches on time. Then remember to have your tank pumped out in 4 of 5 year intervals. This will prevent sediments from settling to the bottom of the tank, something that always results to clogs and other serious malfunctions.

CPVC Pipes

Chances are, you have already heard about them but you haven’t used them before. The initials stand for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Unknown to many homeowners, CPVC pipes can easily withstand extreme temperatures. That explains why they are commonly used on sump pumps and sewer drain pipes. What’s more they are durable and pocket friendly. Your Malibu plumbing expert should be able to tell you more about them. All you need to do is ask.

PVC Pipes

Not to be confused with the aforementioned CPVC pipes as the composition is different. They are versatile and durable, factors that explain why they are preferred my many plumbers for different applications. They are also light and easy to install. What’s more they are affordable. For nature lovers or rather for homeowners who care about the environment, they are recyclable. Its ability to last for long is almost always taken for granted. You may not know it but PVC pipes can outlive humans. In a nutshell, they are virtually indestructible under many conditions.

Kitec pipes

They are relatively new in the market. They are made from aluminum. They are non-corroding and can easily resist salt solutions, acids, alkalis and oils. Kitec pipes are often used in air conditioning systems as they can easily resist condensation. All these factors can be attributed to the fact that their interiors and exteriors are laminated so as to withstand corrosive substances as well as extreme weather conditions. Of course copper is also a good pipe for plumbing. Chances are, you already know enough about copper pipes.

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