Our Hollywood plumber shares a few tips

Hollywood plumber

Hollywood-plumberYou don’t need to go to a plumbing school to know that a faulty plumbing system calls for serious problems like water damage. You also don’t need to enroll in a business school to know that such problems can cost you a lot both in terms of money and health. It therefore makes sense – a lot of sense to know from your Hollywood plumber a few plumbing tips and tricks that can help you avoid plumbing problems and save money. With that in mind, consider the following plumbing tips and tricks.

Keep off tablets

No doubt you must have used some of them before. You know, the ‘magic’ tablets meant to reduce toilet odor. They may help alright, but like your Hollywood plumber will tell you, they damage rubber parts of the toilet. This then leads to corrosion and before you know it, your toilet breaks down.

Use strainers

They are cheap, so you really have nothing to lose by buying one of two of them. Place the strainers on top of drains so as to easily collect debris that can clog your drain. Keep in mind that kitchen sink strainers must be cleaned regularly. The same case applies to your bathroom strainers. There’s no rocket science behind strainers. Like hinted, they prevent clogging.

Use your toilet properly

Pretty straightforward or if you may, self explanatory. To keep toilet plumbing problems at a bare minimum, avoid using it like it is a trash can. Keep off from flushing sanitary pads, diapers, cotton balls, condoms and paper towels. They do not dissolve at all, something that can easily cause clogging. Then remember to minimize and cut down the amount of paper toilet you flush and while at it, do not neglect basic hygiene.

Clean your aerator

If by any chance you are dealing with low water pressure problems caused by sediment buildup, then start by first cleaning the aerator. Rinse it off then put it back together before reattaching it to your faucet. This way, any obstructions that were in the aerator will be removed and the normal water pressure will be restored.

Fix dripping faucets

This is where you will have to call your Hollywood plumber. As the weather gets cold and turns frosty by the month, see into it that your outdoor faucets are not leaking or dripping. Fix any leak at your earliest convenience or at least before the temperatures fall below zero. Regardless of whether you have plastic, steel, copper or aluminum pipes, water expands when it freezes. You can therefore imagine what will happen to your pipes if the faucet had been leaking and temperatures suddenly fall below zero. The pipes will simply burst or crack. This will lead water damage which needless to say, is a costly problem to fix.

Hire a qualified plumber

Again, this is self explanatory. It does not hurt at all to do some background check on the Hollywood plumber you wish to hire. Simply settle for a skilled and qualified plumber. How else will you be certain of permanent and long term plumbing solutions?

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