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plumbing North HillsMany homeowners these days are trying to save as much money as possible on home repairs. However, in some cases, calling a professional is the best way to save both money and time. Some plumbing problems can turn into huge repairs best handled by someone with experience. Learn more about some of the reasons you might consider contacting a plumbing North Hills professional.

Clogged Drains Can Be A Symptom

The first step most people take when their drains become clogged is pouring liquid drain opener into them. However, in the event liquid drain opener does not work, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. In many cases, the pipes leading from the drain become thick over time with grease from food being washed down it. By calling a professional, you can save the aggravation of trying to reach the clog. In most cases, the need for professional equipment and chemicals is necessary for removing clogs.

Changes In Water Pressure

Many homeowners are not aware of a hot water heater leak until the heater stops working. If your hot heater is experiencing a leak, you may notice a difference in the hot water pressure coming out of your faucets. Contacting a plumber when you notice water pressure changes is extremely important to avoid having bigger and more expensive repairs in the future. However, some changes in water pressure may also mean a leak or burst pipe. Pipes that have burst underneath your home can create a great deal of moisture that breeds mold and mildew growth, not to mention the water damage that can occur to flooring boards and joists due to the presence of high moisture levels. In some cases, the crawlspace underneath your home can have water puddles from a one leak that will cause damaging moisture.

Faucet Leaks

Nothing can be more aggravating and expensive than a leaky faucet, especially if you pay a water bill every month. Replacing a faucet can be tricky if you have never installed one before, so calling a professional to install it for you is best. Be sure to always check the pipes underneath your sinks, especially the one in the kitchen, for leaking as well. The pipes under your kitchen can become compromised and do so more frequently because of more use. If you find a leak under the sinks in your home, calling a plumber is important to prevent more costly repairs caused by water damage.

Toilet Problems

No one likes to think about the toilet backing up into the floor. In the event you have a clogged toilet and plunging does not fix it, you may need a professional plumber for making repairs. Some clogged toilet issues can come from clogs further down the pipes that a plunger cannot loosen, thus the need for special tools and a plumber that knows how to use them. If your toilet is leaking, finding the reason is important to avoid the flooring around it being damaged. Making sure the plumbing repairs in your home are done correctly is important and should be addressed by a plumbing North Hills professional.




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