Rooter Services

Rooter Services;In plumbing there is a service offered called the rooter service. Now this service is necessary because roots, from plants, trees, etc., would be a common problem in blocking plumbing and causing drainage clogs. Roots have always become a plumbing issue for property owners and over the years there have been several methods used to chop through these blockages.

Effective rooter services were not really developed until the 1920’s and 30’s where several inventions were created to literally chop through the roots blocking the plumbing. It all started with cutting blades attached to a long cable that was fed into the pipes to chop through the blockages. The first actual roto rooter wasn’t created until the early 30’s when a gentleman though to connect the other end of the cable to a motor. In the end there were three different patents for this type of machine the Rotor Rooter, the Niard, and the Royal Street Sewer Cleaning Machine were all rooting machines used to clear roots and open up plumbing. Although effective with their design these were the only three patents created for the method of conducting rooter services/

Now days there are not as many root issues with plumbing but rooter services can still come in handy. This is especially true with buildings that are 50 years old or even older because of the style of pipes used in that time period. Clay and cast iron pipes were popular in the time period and though they were thought to be water tight that was not always the case. These pipes were prone to get holes, even on a microscopic level, but even holes on a microscopic level can be susceptible to roots moving in and taking over pipes. These issues can easily be taken care of by having a rooter service come in, even on an annual basis, to cut up the roots and push them out of the way.

Although rooter services were originally created for actual roots this service can be used to break up practically any kind of clogs in your pipes. Having this service performed regularly can help prevent plumbing issues of all kinds. Whether there are lady products or diapers the rooter service can chop them up and prevent these remnants from causing serious issues that can burn a hole in your wallet. These rooter services are a great preventative measure to take when you are unsure of the conditions of pipes in any building or older home that you may be introduced to either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Without the preventative measures of rooter services serious issues can come up, as stated before they can really burn a hole in your wallet. These are the services that can cost thousands of dollars and unfortunately these services also consist of digging up the area around the pipes and potentially ruining your yard. Regular rooter services to chop up debris can really save money in the long run and protect the plumbing for any home or business.