Clogged Toilet Repair

Clogged toilet repair los angelesThere is nothing more worrying and unpleasant than a clogged toilet, when each flush only raises the level of the contents in the pan and nothing gets flushed away. It is important not to keep flushing a blocked toilet or to try unblocking it with chemical cleaners. It takes a professional to understand why a toilet has become blocked and to provide the right sort of clogged toilet repair to remedy the situation.

Causes of a Clogged Toilet

There could be a number of reasons why a toilet becomes clogged and the contents cannot be flushed away. It may or may not have anything to do with what has gone down the toilet. It could be caused by a fault in the building’s drainage system or in a communal sewer. The blockage might be backed up from an outside sewage drain or a private septic system. Emergency plumbing services have the means to identify whatever it is that has caused a clogged toilet, and to provide the solution.

How A Clogged Toilet Will Become Unblocked

If the problem is only caused by a blockage in the pipe at the back of the toilet, this can soon be cleared by a plumber with a set of drain rods or other specialist equipment. A more serious clogged toilet repair might be necessary to ensure that all pipes are cleared and any further backflow will be prevented.

A qualified plumber will be able to resolve any external reason for a blockage in a toilet. It could just be that a septic system needs draining or there might be something blocking up or breaking into an external waste pipe. This could be anything from tree root growth to a build-up of inappropriate objects that someone has tried to flush away. Any of these problems can be dealt with by a professional plumbing service.

Treatment for Blocked Drains

Professional plumbing services have all the technology needed to find exactly where a drain has become blocked. They have the right type of equipment to clear blockages and the means to carry out necessary repairs. Industrial chemicals can be applied to prevent any more tree root growth, if that is what was causing a blockage or damaging a sewer pipe.

A clogged toilet repair can easily be dealt with by making an emergency call to a local plumbing service. A qualified plumber will quickly identify the cause of the toilet blockage and will know how to solve the problem. Repairs will be carried out to ensure that the blockage is effectively removed and the toilet will function properly once again. When the repair is carried out by a professional plumbing service, this will provide reassurance that there is no more reason to worry about blockages and clogged toilets.