House Re-piping

House-Re-pipingOld pipes do not last for ever and at some time will need to be replaced, restored or repaired. House re-piping is a major plumbing job, which should only be handled by a team of expert plumbers. A local plumbing service that specializes in house re-piping will send out a fully-trained and experienced team, to remove old metal pipes and replace them with much safer and more reliable piping.

Reasons For House Re-Piping

House re-piping is necessary when old pipes become defective and start to leak. When metal pipes become corroded, the tap water becomes tainted with rust or starts to smell bad.

Water pressure can drop as a result of a build-up of scale or corrosion inside old piping. House re-piping will therefore improve water flow and increase water pressure in bathroom and kitchen faucets, the shower and the washing machine.

An old water system can cause of mold in the home, from pinprick leaks in old pipes, and water damage will occur in areas flooded by leaking pipes located beneath foundation slabs.

When the water system in an older house is no longer adequate for a modern family, it will be in need of updating or replacing.

Some of the materials used in old plumbing systems are no longer considered to be safe, and any pipes more than 25 years old will by now have started to deteriorate. A home built before the 1980s will need re-piping, if this has not already been done.

In some homes, where the quality of the original plumbing was poor, problems such as leaks and corrosion may start to appear with 10 years.

Re-piping increases the resale value of a home and saves the home owner money by eliminating the need for regular repairs to the water system. It also reduces heating costs and the need for expensive boiler maintenance.

New copper piping increases water flow and keeps water clean, because there can be no corrosion inside a copper pipe. Plastic pipes and PVC piping costs less than copper pipes but copper will add more to the resale value of a home.

How The Work Is Done

A specialist in house re-piping can provide helpful advice in the choice of pipe materials and the amount of time needed. Partial or complete house re-piping can be done in a single day, or it may take up to five working days. The water supply will be turned off for a few hours each day while pipes are being removed and replaced. The water will be reconnected before the team leaves at the end of the workday.

Access points will be created to locate and replace pipes hidden away behind drywalls, under floors and in ceilings. This will be done with a minimum amount of mess or disruption to anyone who lives in the house.

Contacting a house re-piping professional is the best step to take when thinking of upgrading or repairing a water system, to make it safer, more efficient and less costly to maintain.