Shower & Tub Repair

Shower & Tub RepairWhen a water leak appears, a shower fails to perform as it should, or water pipes start to become noisy, that is the time to call in a professional. A qualified plumber can deal with any shower and tub repair that is necessary. It could be anything from fixing a leaky faucet to solving serious problems with water drainage.

Water Pressure Repairs

Mixer showers and power showers usually contain their own water pressure controls, but water pressure can also be affected by bends in the pipes supplying water to the shower. A professional plumber will be able to check faulty piping and make any necessary repairs to maintain a more even water pressure.

Water Leak Repairs

When water stains appear on the ceiling of a room beneath a bathroom, this means there is a serious leak from underneath a tub or a broken shower tray. A professional plumbing service can put this right. It might just be that a damaged pipe needs replacing or a fault in the drainage system needs to be repaired.

Water leaking around a shower might mean that the nut on a compression ring has been set at an angle, or that the shower tubing has not been set straight. A plumbing professional will repair any faults caused by way that pipes have been set up or connected to the shower unit.

A leaking faucet in the tub will require a new rubber washer and packing to be replaced inside the faucet. A qualified plumber will have the right tools and ability to do this quickly and efficiently.

Blockages and Drainage Repairs

When water fails to drain away after a bath or a shower, there could be something clogging the internal waste pipe system, or it might be because of a backflow from a blockage in a communal drain or external waste water pipe.

A professional plumber will be able to tell whether drainage pipes running from the bathroom need unblocking or if there is a problem with communal drains that is causing waste water to back up.

Noisy Water Pipes

A banging noise indicates that water moving through the pipes is slamming into a closed valve, and if this is not fixed it can cause damage to the system. A professional plumber can fix this by refilling those air chambers.

A rattling noise means that a pipe has become loose and is vibrating whenever water is passing through it. A plumber can secure loose pipes or provide cushioning to prevent further rattling.

If a whistling sound is heard whenever a bath faucet is turned on, a plumber will be able to tell what sort of fault inside the pipe is restricting water flow. It could be that a water valve or a washer needs to be replaced.

A shower or tub repair can only be carried out after the cause has been fully investigated. A professional plumbing service will provide the solution and carry out necessary repairs, so that the problem will be fixed.